Management Committee 2021

Chair:  Jan Applin 

Vice-Chair:  Rachael Funch

Coordinator of Choir: Della Rae Morrison

Treasurer:  Peter Randell 

Aboriginal Cultural Guides:  George Walley, Doreen Green and Sue Peaker with support from our Patrons

Secretary:  Clare O'Leary (Including Memberships and Contacts)

General Member:  Deb Mitchell, Jenette Graham, Carli Breur, Mary Jo Harris, Noni Oldfield and Jo Randell


                                                                    Madjitil Moorna Choir November 2020

Madjitil Moorna thrives on the generous guidance of people across the community including many Elders.

The choir runs on huge amounts of goodwill and gratitude!

Operations Team

Della Rae Morrison - Music Director, Cultural Awareness, Production and Projects

Kobi Morrison - Guitarist, Music Director and Music Support. Leader of Koondarm Choir, Koorlong (Noongar Songs in Schools) and Kannajil - community Noongar Song workshops.

Cezera Critti-Schnaars - Koorlong workshop Presenter

Keira Gentle - Koorlong workshop Presenter

Della Rae Morrison - Coordinator for Choir and Bookings

Charley Caruso - Marketing and Bookings

Anastasia Beasley - Internal Communications

Candice Lloyd - Occasional Mentor, Resource Development and IT support

Volunteer positions:

George Walley - Cultural Awareness

Jo Randell - Administrator

Kylie Bishop - Koorlong Noongar Songs in Schools Coordinator

Pete Randell - Accounts & Bookkeeping 

Tracy Sandercock - Accounts Support

Mary Jo Harris - Projects and Events

Angela Highstead - Venue Management and Events, Archives

Lee Peters - Networking, Communications

Moira Lane - Music Support 

Jane Nicholas - Music Support 

Jula Mallaby - Venue support

Cathi Payne - Venue Support

Marie Jacquier - Creative Arts Support

Karl Mourach - Life Member

Pauline Vigus - Life Member

Jo Randell - Life Member

Wren Thomas - Co-founder Koondarm Choir

Singers are also volunteers, bringing a huge variety of skills to make gigs, events, projects and occasional tours possible.

Our Aims, in conjunction with Aboriginal musical directors:

  • To sing in and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait language songs and compositions by indigenous artists from around Australia.
  • To acknowledge and embrace the stolen generations and their journey of healing.
  • To generate healing within the community through the vibrations of our harmonious songs.
  • To increase our Aboriginal and Torres Strait membership at every opportunity.
  • To create a warm, sensitive, safe environment to encourage members to express the joy and beauty of music.
  • To promote and embrace reconciliation through the multicultural blend of our members.
  • To share the joy of singing to and with Aboriginal communities and country towns.
  • To encourage Aboriginal communities and people from remote regions to form similar singing groups to enhance the healing process.
  • To have no singing pre requisites for membership, apart from the will to receive and spread the joy in songs and camaraderie.
  • To use practise methods and materials that allow for members to learn to sing or develop their confidence to sing in a nurturing and supportive way.

Aunty Karl Mourach, Dec 2007