Everyone is welcome to come and sing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Songs - both old and new, in languages of the country including our local Noongar and English! 

Since 2006 we've been led by award-winning Aboriginal and TSI singers, songwriters and performers who generously bring songs - mostly contemporary - to the repertoire for all to share. 

Currently, we sing songs brought to us by George Walley, Della Rae Morrison, Aunty Josie Boyle, Natasha Eldridge, Gina Williams, Honey Webb, David Milroy, Karla Hart, Candice Lloyd and Delly Stokes. Kobi Morrison is our  Musical Director and anchor man on guitar. We're always on the lookout for new songs and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island performers happy to share them with the choir.  

All ages, all voices, all backgrounds accepted. As Aunty Karl Mourach says to anyone who thinks they can't sing, 'That's why you need a choir!' 

And to quote Aunty Josie Boyle, 'We're all the same when we're singing together'. 


When does the choir practice?
We practice on Monday nights in Forrestfield (excluding school and public holidays) and perform all over the Perth metro area and across WA when invited. Please arrive for a 6.30pm start.

How much does choir practice cost?
To help cover the cost of rehearsals, we have an entrance fee of $10.00 for waged members and $5.00 for unwaged members per session.  We may ask for a little more if we have more than one professional artist leading us.

How do I learn the songs?
Bring a device along so we can connect you to our Dropbox folder containing all the song sheets (we do have some hard copies available on practice night). You might like to record songs and harmonies on your phone so you can practice later. 

Tell me more about the performances?
For gigs and performances, our choir dress code is black clothes with a Madjitil Moorna yellow scarf ($30). You will also need a Working With Children card if you decide to attend school workshops. Application forms can be picked up from Australia Post, and they need to be signed by Lee who can help you with your form.

I'm a little nervous starting for the first time...
It can be scary starting out with a choir if you haven't sung for years. Just be gentle on yourself and take your time. A great tip for first timers: 'Just trust.....and the ancestors will guide you in the right direction....when you're quiet'  - Jemma King, media producer. 

Mary Jo (MJ) or Lee  will welcome you warmly at the door and make sure you have lyrics. Speak to MJ if you want to help in any way (e.g. looking after merchandise, helping at events, photocopying music sheets etc.)